School Uniform

School Uniform

School uniform is to be worn by all children who attend the school. We would ask you to support us by ensuring that your child wears the correct uniform at all times. We do appreciate your co-operation greatly. Details of uniform are as follows:


  • Grey trousers
  • Grey socks and dark shoes
  • Pale blue polo shirt
  • Royal blue sweat shirt, with school crest.


  • Grey skirt pinafore/grey trousers
  • White knee socks or dark tights.
  • Pale blue polo shirt
  • Royal blue sweat shirt, with school crest.
  • Suitable school shoes with sensible low heels.
  • A light blue gingham summer dress is also available.

A blue fleece jacket, bearing the school crest, is also available for both boys and girls.

Arrangements for the purchase of school uniform

  • You will be informed in advance of two special ‘uniform evenings’, one in November and one in May, when you may purchase/place orders for uniform.
  • A supply of school polo shirts and sweatshirts is held in school. This means that you may purchase additional uniform items at any time during the year.
  • The school does not make a profit from the sale of school uniform.
  • We have not given permission to any shop or business to sell our uniform and we ask for your co-operation in ensuring that uniform is purchased only through the school thus ensuring a consistency of quality and colour of uniform.